Handknit Heroes

Imagine you’re a teenager, and you have some… special powers. Maybe even super powers. And one day, at a sleepover, your best friend in the whole world tells you—you’re not alone. So begins the adventure for a couple of teenagers, a single mom and yarn shop owner, and a whole bunch of hand knitted fun.

Handknit Heroes is the first graphic novel for knitters. Each issue features a great storyline with knitting superheroes, terrific artwork, and a beautiful (and easy) knitting pattern.

You can buy all four issues now!

Each issue of Handknit Heroes is full-color in 6 x 9 format. It’s written by Stephanie Bryant and illustrated by Marc Olivent, and each issue features a single knitting pattern for beginner to early intermediate knitters.

Page 1 from Issue #2:

Page 1 from Issue #1:
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Wonder who we are? Handknit Heroes is published quarterly by Mortaine Publications, Inc. If that name sounds familiar, you might know the company owner, Stephanie Bryant, as mortaine on Ravelry and other online communities. Read our Privacy Policy.