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Ana Miller is a fairly typical Midwestern girl. She fights with her twin brother, Alex, about him sneaking out at night and getting grounded. Her mom, Jen Miller, obsessively dusts dishes and is very uncool. But Ana has a secret– she can lift cars without breaking a sweat. When Ana’s best friend Sue reveals her own secret powers, they naturally team up. But Jen and Alex have secrets, too, and with the four of them on the job, the Midwestern supervillain community might never be the same.

So how does knitting fit into their world? The same way it fits into ours—by sneaking into the little spaces and taking over your hands and your heart. Jen Miller, Ana and Alex’s mother, is the first knitter you’ll meet, in Issue #1, but all the kids have a very healthy relationship with yarn.

Handknit Heroes is the first graphic novel for knitters. Each issue features a great storyline, terrific artwork, and a beautiful, easy-to-knit pattern. Readers of all ages enjoyr graphic novels (comic books); this comic book bridges generation gaps between knitters (and potential knitters), and encourages teens and pre-teen knitters to keep up the craft. The comic is aimed at anyone from age 10 and up, with only a few panels containing “language unbecoming a knitter.”

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