Pattern Guidelines

Are you a pattern designer looking for a publisher? Would you like to see your pattern featured in the only graphic novel for knitters?

We’re looking for great patterns to publish in Handknit Heroes!

Our Guidelines:

Patterns must be original and copyright must be owned by you. Patterns must be beginner to intermediate in level. It must be knittable! We do test knit all patterns, even if it’s an in-house test. Patterns should be appropriate for a teenager (male or female) or adult female. Patterns which are optionally sizable for children are especially welcome.

We have 4-6 smallish (6x9) pages available for patterns, so if you have a very very long pattern that absolutely cannot be shortened, it probably won’t work for us.

We pay $100 per pattern for accessories, $150 if you’ve had the pattern tech edited already (submit your tech editor’s name, please). We pay more for larger garments, like lace shawls and sweaters. We buy first North American serial rights, with an option for non-exclusive electronic rights. We consider reprints and material published electronically elsewhere, but not material given away for free online.

How to Submit

First, don’t write the whole pattern and send it to us. I mean, if it’s one you already wrote, that’s fine, but don’t write it on spec. Send us your proposal instead. We don’t want you to do a huge amount of work and be disappointed.

To submit a proposal, contact us with your name, email address, and a query letter describing the finished garment. A drawing is very helpful for us to visualize where you’re going with it. A swatch photo is helpful, too. We’ll reply whether we’re interested, or if we need clarification or details.

When we’ve come to an agreement, we’ll send a contract and a letter of assignment, which is helpful if you need yarn support from yarn companies. About a month later, we will require the pattern in editable electronic format (Word, text, or HTML), some working photos of the construction (any special stitches, seaming, etc.), a photograph we can use in the comic book, and a knitted sample of the garment (let us know if you want it returned).

Publishing Schedule

The deadline for proposals for Issue #4 is August 1, 2010.

What We’re Looking For

For Issue #4, we are looking for hats! GREAT hats! Fun hats! Hats for autumn!

We need hats for both men and women-- they play a crucial role in the storying in Issue 4, so stir up your creative juices!


Color is hugely important to the Handknit Heroes patterns. The colorways for our superheroes are:
  • Ana: Bright, primary colors. Bold blues, sunny yellows, flashy red accents.
  • Sue: Sue is all pink, all the time. Pinks, peaches, and salmon shades are her love. They can be hot pinks, cool pinks, soft pinks, or bold-- she loves them all!
  • Alex: Dramatic and dark: all the grays, black, and with accents in red.

We call these “the Ana colorway” or “the Sue colorway” when we’re talking color and yarns, so feel free to refer to them that way in your design proposal.


Our template is in development. We require the standard things: description, photograph, yarn with weight and yardage, abbreviations used in the pattern, and step-by-step instructions for knitting and putting together the project.

Look for places in the pattern where a beginner’s tip would be helpful. For example, if you have “at the same time” in your pattern, put a tip in that says “read ahead-- you need to do two things at once in the next section.” If there’s something that you wouldn’t know until you’re putting it together (like “sew this seam first so both sides lay flat” or something similar), put that in the pattern as well.

For file formats, we accept text, RTF, OpenOffice and Microsoft Word for the pattern text. For photos and other bitmap graphics, we accept .jpeg, .png, and .gif. For your schematic, which should be vector art, we accept .svg and .ai files, and we are especially happy to take .svg files created in Inkscape. If you have charts, we’ll discuss what file format and fonts you’re using to create those, but we can probably accept most of them. We also accept Garment Designer and Stitch Painter files.