We get a couple of questions asked pretty regularly, and we wanted to mention them here, so you can find the answers or responses easily.

When will my copy ship? How soon will I get it?
If you are a new subscriber or a shop placing an order, your order will ship the next business day, including Saturday. We send subscriber copies via First Class mail. Orders ship from our fulfillment center in Santa Cruz, California.

How do I download the pattern/comic book?
You don’t. The pattern and comic book are only available in print versions at this time. We get a little confusion about this due to the Ravelry pattern page, which says the pattern is available for $5.50. That’s true, but like a pattern in any knitting magazine, you have to buy the magazine (in this case, the comic book) in order to get the pattern. The pattern is not available as a separate download.

I’ve looked at the Ravelry pattern page a dozen times trying to figure out where the confusion comes from, and I can’t figure out why people think this is a PDF pattern. If you got that impression from the Ravelry page, can you please let me know what about the Ravelry page gave you that impression, because we’d like to fix it so it’s clear to everyone.

You can, however, view a mini-book sponsored by Lion Brand here.

My copy was damaged/lost/stolen in the mail.
Use the contact form so we can resolve the issue for you quickly.

How do I get another copy? I can’t find a way to buy one issue from your site.
You can buy individual issues through your local yarn shops. We only take subscriptions from our site. If you can’t find a shop near you, please ask at your favorite shop and give them our URL to check out. We do this because we don’t want to undercut our yarn shops. We support the local yarn shops, and we believe they support us.

Subscribers can also purchase back issues. You can do this when you subscribe by adding it to your cart as an “add on” to your subscription. If you’re an existing subscriber and want to add a back issue, or you’d like to buy more than one back issue, use the Contact Us form and we’ll help you directly.

Does my subscription auto-renew?
Nope. After 3 issues, you'll be notified that your subscription is due for renewal with the next issue. After your 4th issue, your subscription will expire. We do not store your credit card information and have no way to automatically charge you for a renewal.

Do you have a picture that I can use in my blog?
You can grab the cover art of Issue #1 for web/blog use here.
You can grab the cover art of Issue #2 for web/blog use here.

I can’t read the caption boxes in red (or pink).
You’re not the only one. We fixed the red boxes in Issue #2 to be easier to read. It’s not really possible in a color comic to be completely visually-friendly, but we do try, and we do listen to these concerns. Please let us know if you still have trouble reading the comic book.

Some of the characters swear! I don’t want my kid reading those words!
First, your kid probably knows those words already and uses them when texting all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice if she also learned how to spell them correctly?

Second (and more important): we know. It was not entirely accidental, but it also wasn’t entirely intentional. If you read carefully, you’ll see that it’s one character in particular who uses the “language unbecoming a knitter.”

When we first realized that Ana really does swear more than anyone else, we had two options. We could take the swearing out, censoring Ana, either through %*#$! or by simply having her make some other exclamation. This would change Ana’s character in subtle ways (it would also require a reprint of Issue #1).

Or we could leave it in, and have Ana (or more to the point: Ana’s mom) deal with it in the story. You know, the way real people deal with their bad habits and their kids’ bad habits.

We decided the latter was the way to go, and you’ll see in Issue #2 that the swearing is being dealt with in a way a mom would deal with it.

Comic books, to my mind, should teach us how to be better humans, not necessarily how to be superheroes. If Ana suddenly stopped swearing with no further development, or if she was completely clean-cut to begin with... then there wouldn’t be anywhere for her to grow. By showing that development in-story, and addressing the swearing through in-story character interaction, I hope we’re being more effective than if we just censored it out entirely.

But we do understand that the language may mean you don’t want to share this with your very young children, and we respect that, There are only a few cases of explicit language, and you are welcome to use a black sharpie marker to run a line through them if you wish.

There isn’t enough knitting!
There will be. Not everything gets into every issue of a comic book. Jen owns a yarn shop. Ana and Alex both knit. This is not “Handknit Heroes” by accident.

What about crochet?
Sue crochets and is learning to knit.

Are you going to do any crochet/embroidery/needlepoint/weaving comics?
Maybe. We’d like this to take off first, and make sure there’s a market for future storylines. We also absolutely will not branch into a craft that we don’t understand-- it wouldn’t be fair to the makers and inventors in that craft. We also won’t branch into a craft for which we don’t have a good idea for a story and characters.

I have an idea for a story/comic book line. Can I pitch it to you?
Yes. Use the contact form. If it’s a Handknit Heroes storyline, say so at the top of the page so I can ignore it until the current issue comes out (I don’t want to be influenced).

If it’s an idea for another craft-related comic book, give me the whole pitch, including your background in that craft and comic books, the characters you’d like to see, and what kind of involvement you see yourself having.

Just a warning: supplying an idea for a crafting comic book without having a story, characters, or writing a script will not result in you getting creative control and millions of dollars. In comics, as everywhere else, no successful arrangement is shaped as “I have an idea-- will you write it, draw it, publish it, promote it, take all the financial risk, and give me half the money?” Also, in indie comics, there’s never a million dollars. Ideas are easy to come by. Executing them is the hard part.

I have an idea for a pattern. Can I pitch it to you?
Absolutely. See our pattern guidelines for what we’re looking for and how to submit.

How do I reach Marc, Stephanie, or one of the pattern designers?
We love to hear from you! Use the Contact Form and put at the top of your message “This is for....” so we can forward it to the right person.