Advertise in Handknit Heroes

Handknit Heroes accepts advertising from qualified, fiber-related businesses. You don’t have to be a mega-corp to advertise with us, but you do have to meet these criteria:
  • Offer products or services of interest to knitters, crocheters, or comic book fans.
  • Submit artwork (ad copy) that fits our file guidelines and which passes the approval process. We reserve the right to reject ads for inappropriateness, obscenity, illegal content, etc.

If you meet these criteria and want to reach our readers, contact us with your name, email address, phone number, size of ad you want, and some information about your product. We’ll get in touch to reserve your ad space and talk about your copy and design.

Advertising Schedule

Our publishing schedule and advertising deadlines are as follows:

Place Ads
Send Copy
Release Date
Summer 2009
February 27
March 20
March 27
April 15
Fall 2009
May 28
July 1
June 26
July 15
Winter 2009
August 27
September 18
October 2
October 30

Ad Rates

Our ad rates are as follows:

Single Issue Cost
4 IssuesBuy Now
1/4 page (2.5"w x 4" h)

1/2 page (5.5"w x 4"h)

Full page (6"w x 9"h
full bleed)

All ads are full-color.

Ad Guidelines

Full-color. Submit .tif, .jpeg, .pdf, or .png files. Graphic resolution must be 300 dpi. Submit files that are 300 dpi and fit within the following size guides:

1/4 page
2.5" wide, 4" tall
750 wide, 1200 tall
1/2 page
5.5" wide, 4" tall
1650 wide, 1200 tall
Full page
6" wide, 9" tall
1800 wide, 2700 tall

Minor color variations may occur in the production process.